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Cat·a·pult  [ kat-uh-puhlt, -poolt ]

1. A device used to allow aircraft to take off from a very limited amount of space, such as the deck of a vessel. It is now most commonly used on aircraft carriers, as a form of assisted take-off. 

2. To thrust or move quickly or suddenly:

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Digital Growth Acceleration

CATAPULT is a multidisciplinary solution to achieve the ultimate growth acceleration required to meet your business goals. 

We combine and deploy a variety of digital marketing, sales, biz-dev and automation methodologies to create a tailored and comprehensive solution to nurture the growth efforts of your business. 

Our Services:

Storytelling, Awareness
and Demand Generation

  • Performance Advertising  (Lead Generation)

  • Programmatic Campaigns

  • Video-Based Marketing 

  • ABM - Account-Based Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Linkedin Extraction and Automation

Funnel Nurturing and
Conversion Optimization


  • Funnel Planning

  • CRM Implementation

  • Data Enrichment

  • Advanced Automation - 
    Sales & Marketing Automation

  • Intent Discovery

  • Advanced Sales Tactics

Put Catapult Power
Behind Your Business


We live in an era of rapid and disruptive changes.
These changes bring both challenges and opportunities to your business doorstep, it is in our hands to make the effort to adapt and leverage them to your growth.  


Nowadays, the state of the art digital know-how and tools are no longer in the sole domain of large organizations, even the smallest business can still harness the most advanced marketing and sales tools to smash the glass ceiling and reach new levels of execution. 

We help businesses make significant growth by providing end-to-end digital marketing, sales and biz-dev capabilities.  

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